No tie, no service?

The lieutenant governor's dinner for the media has become an annual tradition. But this year, the guest list for the June 10 event has been limited to members of the legislative press gallery. And the formal dinner has been replaced with a barbecue at Government House. So what's the reason for the change? In an interview with Public Eye, Government House's communications and events coordinator Adrienne Dunton explained lieutenant governor Steven Point, while reviewing the event, asked his private secretary Herb LeRoy "how it all started, how long it's been going on, that kind of thing."

"So then Herb was explaining that it used to be, back in the day, just the press gallery and it was a more intimate, casual, off-the-record chit chat. And then it came to grow. And then when (Lieutenant Governor Point's predecessor Iona Campagnolo) we invited all the media. So his honour said, 'Let's bring it back to the original intent' - which was just the press gallery. So let's make it a little more casual. We don't need to have a big formal dinner - which was very, very nice. But let's have something a little more intimate, a little more relaxed - you don't have to wear ties this year."


I wish I could go. I'm sure Colin Hansen is going to blurt out the real deficit #.

I'm also definite the Premier and Cabinet need to be spared from all the suck-ups, camp followers, hangers-on and groupies. Not to mention snipers, snarks and people in the press trying to play got-cha!

Iona Campagnolo was far more open with not only the press, but with everyone else who wandered around the place. She will be missed by many of the volunteers working around the place which belongs to all of us. New broom, new rules. They come and they go.

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