John: "...if I was the premier I'd be challenged with this one."

In the recent election, provincial Liberal East Kootenay legislator Bill Bennett took fire from the First Nations community for running a campaign advertisement encouraging constituents to vote for "someone who pays taxes and is concerned about how that money is being spent." The tourism, culture and arts minister has said that wasn't a shot at his New Democrat competitor Troy Sebastian, a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation. Nevertheless, there's some who wonder whether the controversy surrounding that advertisement means the MLA's days at the cabinet table are numbered. Asked about the matter, First Nations Summit Grand Chief Edward John told Public Eye, "Well, I'm sure the premier will take into account those pretty oblique words in the advertisements in making his selections."

"It's a question of judgement on (Minister Bennett's) part. And it's a question of judgement on the premier's part as well," Grand Chief John continued. "And I guess we're going to have to wait and see. To me, it's a matter of judgement from all kinds of places."

"He was the minister responsible for tourism, culture and the arts. So I would think you wouldn't want to appoint somebody like to a position where there's already a bit of a cloud from the aboriginal community on matters that would directly impact on aboriginal peoples."

"But, again, as I say, it's a question of judgement. What's the premier going to do? He's going to have to create some balance between the urban centres and the rural areas. So if I was the premier I'd be challenged with this one."


What challenge?

Dump this guy, Premier Campbell. You can find another MLA for this slot - hell, you got 49 of 'em. Okay, 48 to slot. I'm sure the 47 other MLAs have conducted themselves to Campbell-level standards.

I understand that as Wally disappears into the sunset Gordo is a bit shy of Lawyers. One being Bennett. So who for AG? If DeJong gets the nod, then Bennett could end up in Aboriginal affairs which would be good for a laugh as the big push is supposed to be "reconciliation"

Avoter, an AG de Jong could do both as easily as Sarah Palin can smile, Mary "Rockette" Polak could rock and Gordon Campbell can gyrate his way to three Premierships!

Frankly with the odds-on fav of Mike deJong as BC AG there is a grand total of one and only one choice for BCLib House Leader. This choice is a former school board chair who stood down radicals, who as MLA kept the NDP on the ropes, who as minister actually got things done (but then again so do all BCLibs) and as a BCLib Candidate in the last election turned into the BC Liberals' best weapon against NDP smears. Her name: Mary "Rockette" Polak.

Josef K, I'm not sure why you continue to advocate for Mary but I'd tone it down a bit. Mary's lucky to be where she is based upon her background and capacity. Take it easy.

Okay Jim :-). I was (supposedly) taught that every good soul needed a promoter.

It's just Mary Polak reminds me of the classic BCLib MLAs who got it done in 2001 like Judith Reid, Christy Clark and of course Gordon Campbell. I'd like to see her take the Premier's chair in due course.

The odds of Ms. Polak making it to the Premiers chair is about as likely as going to the moon. Yes De Jong might get two jobs but he is over capacity with the one he held before the election. He was dead against treaties while in opposition but Gordon got a vision about reconsiliation with the Indians and Mike jumped on the bandwagon.

Thank you, Avoter. This one goes on the Polak Fan Club wall along w/ all the other "THEY SAID IT COULDN'T BE DONE" quotes.

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