"I have always spoken my mind" - except when contacted by a reporter

Last week, we reported on the pre-election formation of a Facebook group promoting provincial New Democrat legislator Adrian Dix as a replacement for Carole James. But some might question whether creator of that group, Jay Horde, is interested in what's best for the New Democrats. After all, in a status update posted on May 13, she wrote, "Hooray! BC Liberals Win 4 More Years..." Mr. Horde didn't respond to a Facebook message placed last Thursday requesting a telephone interview. Although, in a May 9 posting on her wall, Mr. Horde asserted, "To set the record straight, I have been with the NDP in good times and bad, but I have always spoken my mind."


It's hard to get an interview with a fictitious person. You'll have better luck interviewing Archie about whether he's choosing Betty or Veronica.


When even the NDP cheers Gordon Campbell, you know Carole James should just take out a BCLib membership - the gift that just keeps on giving!

I have it, from a very credible source, that Jay Horde is NOT an NDP member. Jay has consistently, through the entire election, done what he/she could to undermine the BCNDP campaign posing as an NDPer. He/she has lost a number of fb friends because of the deception. I will work to bring this number down. If you are an NDP member or supporter and have this poser as a fb friend lose him/her.

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