Sterk: "...her advice is as welcome as all the other political elites..."

Last week, in an interview with Public Eye Radio, former provincial Green campaign co-chair Andrea Reimer said her former party shouldn't run a full-slate of candidates in the next election. Instead, the Green should focus their efforts on a few winnable ridings. "It seems quite logical, when you sort of look at the resources available and public support that the way to win those seats is to concentrate resources and support," she explained. But the party's present leader Jane Sterk disagreed.

"Well, it's not my strategy," she said yesterday. "The party will decide the strategy on its own without the advice of people who are no longer advising the party. And I personally believe that everybody in this province who wants to vote Green has a right to vote Green. I think we should field strong candidates in all 85 ridings. I also think we could target some ridings where we might have a chance. And we will do the analysis of those ridings that we might have a shot at."

"It's not inconsistent to be me that you could do both focused ridings and have candidates in every riding. And Andrea Reimer left the party for her own reasons. And her advice is as welcome as all the other political elites who think they know what's best for the Green Party," she added.

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Sterk's comments about not wanting advice from "political elites" is exactly why they have failed year after year to elect anyone. My five years involvement with the Greens proved, at least to me, that the leaders were not the brightest to be found, and constantly allowed their ideals to get in the way of basic logic. The current leadership is old in years and thinking. They need to be replaced.

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