Popham: "It was really awkward."

In the recent election, provincial New Democrat Saanich South MLA-elect Lana Popham was endorsed by the Conservation Voters of British Columbia. But that's the same organization that encouraged Victoria-Beacon Hill constituents to vote for anyone but her party leader Carole James. So was that awkward for her? "Yeah," Ms. Popham said with a laugh. "Yes it was. It was really awkward. I really like the conservation voters. And I felt very proud to be endorsed by them because I know I've been working very hard as an environmentalist. And, to be acknowledged in that way is very good. And, in Saanich South, it's very important in a provincial election because it's important to the voters there."

"It was funny the way that played out because the leader's tour came to my farm the same day that happened. And so it was awkward. And the media was there. But I really think what was going on is that they wanted the NDP to be coming out stronger environmentally. And they weren't satisfied with the level that we were throwing out in the campaign. So Carole's the leader and she had to wear that."

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