A systemic problem?

On May 22, The Province's John Bermingham quoted provincial Green leader Jane Sterk as saying, "I believe that the Green Party can win under any electoral system." This, after the party failed to win a seat in the legislature on ten days earlier. But, ten days earlier, Ms. Sterk told The Times Colonist's Judith Lavoie, "It's hard to predict a result in the first past the post system that would favour a Green." So isn't there an inconsistency in those statements? Speaking on Public Eye Radio, "Those aren't inconsistent in my mind at all," said Ms. Sterk. "Now I have a very unusual way of thinking about the world. But it is hard under first past the post because it has this ability, this repetitive ability to distort a minority into a majority."

"That's the purpose of first past the post. And that's why the NDP and the Liberals didn't want to support any kind of electoral reform and never have wanted to and never will. So it makes it more difficult. But it doesn't make it impossible. We saw Gordon Wilson win 17 seats in 1991 under first past the post. And we will do the disciplined work. And, in 2013, I'm predicting the conditions will be ripe for some Greens to be elected."

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