Minister of state secrets?

In the coming weeks, British Columbians will find out who's going to be appointed to the first cabinet of the third Campbell administration. Until then, much time will be spent speculating on which first-term legislators will be named to the executive council and whether any of its existing members will be demoted.

At present, there are two cabinet openings created by John Van Dongen's resignation as solicitor general and children and family development minister Tom Christensen's decision not to seek re-election. But if attorney general Wally Oppal loses Delta South to independent candidate Vicki Huntington, there will be three - assuming Mr. Van Dongen isn't reappointed to the executive council.

However, it's possible Gordon Campbell is planning changes that could reduce the number of line ministers at the cabinet table. Speaking will reporters following the election, the premier said his administration will "integrate processes so you get the best services you can for the resources we have." And that may mean the consolidation of some ministries.

So, if the premier doesn't want to demote anyone, how will he add first-term legislators - such as the three M's (Margaret MacDiarmid, Mary McNeil and Moira Stilwell), Stephanie Cadieux, Naomi Yamamoto - to the cabinet table? Well, could it be he's going to increase the number of ministers of state - junior executive council members who don't have responsibility for a specific ministry?


I kind of think he'll have to do that. Or do what he did with Mary Polak - undeniably the "Gordon Campbell with a bra" nowadays who talks and gyrates like him (I've seen HansardTV enough of my two heroes) :-) - and have her/him do a major project to prove herself, then eke out a niche and see what happens.

I also think he ought to really cut back on the pay of ministers, but my man SuperGordo won't. But then again, most CEOs make more money than BC cabinet.

Is Randy Hawes not a contender for a Cabinet post ? He has chaired both the BC Liberal caucus and the Select Standing Committee on Finance and Government Services. Also, is there not a possibility that there will be a Cabinet shuffle with new members filling in the gaps ?

Oh who cares. Who gets what post doesn't matter one iota. Campbell is the ultimate micro manager. Ministers are only figure heads put in place to nod their bobble heads and do gords bidding.

This minister or that minister doesn't make any difference, they have very little power or autonomy in how their ministries are run.

23% of the population can't be wrong.

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