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In February's throne speech, the Campbell administration announced it would hold an Open Skies Summit this September at the new Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre. But the venue for that event, which is expected to attracted around 400 attendees, hasn't been secured. This, according to a document posted on BC Bid as government's request for proposals from contractors interested in organizing that summit. And a ministry spokesperson has confirmed the exact date for the event is still up in the air. The following is a complete copy of that document.

Issued on May 8, 2009
Request for Proposals Number 067CS41722
Event Management Services
Ministry of Transportation & Infrastructure


Has a venue been selected and/or secured yet for the Summit?

Have the following Summit elements been determined yet?

- agenda
- number of sessions
- how many concurrent sessions
- how many plenary sessions
- any need for breakout rooms

Will programming for the Summit (agenda format, sessions format, speaker selection, panel topics) be
the responsibility of the contractor or the Ministry?


The venue has been selected for the Summit, but not yet secured. Possible venues for the pre-event reception are being considered by the Ministry.

A working agenda has been determined by the Ministry, and currently includes eight plenary sessions (six speakers and two chaired panels of approximately five members each). The agenda is tentative and subject to final approvals.

Securing speakers and panel members will be the primary responsibility of the Ministry, however, advice and assistance with this task may be requested of the Proponent.

Speaker and panel topics have been identified by the Ministry.

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