Today, Carole James announced she'll stay on as provincial New Democrat leader and run in the 2013 election. But not everyone thinks she should stick around. According to the members of one Facebook group, which was established prior to election day, Ms. James, "has done a terrible job leading us in the last BC Election. We need a leader that is positive and thinks about all people living in BC." And who might that leader be, you may wonder? Well, Vancouver-Kingsway legislator Adrian Dix, of course!


The last contribution to the Premiership from Vancouver-Kingsway was... wait for it... Glen Clark.

Way to go, BC NDP! Keep it up!! :-)

Not so fast - reports Dix stepped away.

come on, find something legitimate to complain about. Dix is far from perfect, but his riding has nothing to do with his ability to lead the party.

Christmas just came early for the BC Liberals.

This facebook group was set up just a few days before the election by someone that has no pictures of themself on the site and seemed to use their account exclusively to bash Carole and the NDP while claiming to be a New Democrat. Looks like the BC Liberal dirty tricks to me.

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