The song remains the same

Earlier, on Voice of BC, Finance Minister Colin Hansen said he had "no such ambitions" when asked if he would be interested is running for the leadership of the provincial Liberals when Gordon Campbell steps down. Nevertheless, that didn't stop the formation of Facebook group on May 11 promoting Minister Hansen as a candidate for that job. "Gordon Campbell will cost us this election and a third term," the group's description read. "He has lost his way and we need a new leader to regain the confidence and respect of the voters. Colin Hansen is that person."

But, a day later, British Columbians gave Premier Campbell a third term in government. As a result, the group's description has now been changed to read: "Gordon Campbell has taken us as far as he can take us. We need a new leader after 2010. We need a leader that isn't a mouth breathing crazy social conservative. We need a leader that can continue to hold down the Liberal brand. Colin Hansen is that person." Fancy that!

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I think we need a new Facebook group: Premier Polak 2013... don't make Gordon Campbell a hairy, suffering John Howard and Mike Farnworth a bald Kevin Rudd.

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