Holman: "...the political establishment can rest easy..."

British Columbia - I am disappointed in you. Last week, just 52 percent of you voted in the election, according to preliminary results. I don't think that means you supported the status quo. Instead, I believe you thought there wasn't any difference between the Liberals and the New Democrats. That neither party represented your interests. That one was just as uninspiring as the other. In short, you thought there wasn't any reason to vote. But there was.

You could have cast a vote in favour of electoral reform. You could have cast a vote protesting both the New Democrats and the Liberals by supporting a system that would have given smaller parties and independent candidates a better chance of winning a seat in the legislature. But you didn't. You rejected the single-transferable vote system. So what does this mean for the future of British Columbia?

It means the political establishment can rest easy in the assurance that you are just as complacent as they are, lacking all the resolve and fortitude it would have taken to cast a vote that would have broken the back of British Columbia's party system - a system that has kept you a supplicant to those who are supposed to be the servants of democracy.


52% is an embarrassment.

Federally the turnout only dipped below 60% once (not counting a referendum) to 58%: http://www.elections.ca/content.asp?section=pas&document=turnout&lang=e&textonly=false

Provincially I couldn't find the numbers on the elections BC site (yeah, no surprise).

There wasn't any clear message from either party that separated them in any meaningful way. I would have LOVED to have seen the NDP champion something like ... ooh I dunno the minimum wage nonsense or the child poverty statistics - those two items alone would have emboldened a lot more people to vote - the poor and the youth of this province - typically people that don't vote in great numbers.

Also missing from the NDP campaign:
BC Rail
Campbells track record
Campbells broken election promises
Campbells... well, everything!
The Ministry of Children and Families and the Child Advocates Office
Campaign finance reform
Privatization of our resources

Forget this - I had a long spiel to type, but there wasn't ANY messages from EITHER party on ANY topic! I have never seen such a dearth of activity by politicians running for election in my life. Lazy bastards the lot of them.

Telling election day story.

I arrived at my voting station 1/2 hour before they closed. Voted, and put the 'I voted' sticker on my jacket near the lapel.

Walked one block to the big grocery store in the area and upon going through the checkout line the cashier paused, and looked askance at my sticker clearly trying to read it. "oh" he says, "you voted?" in the form of a question. A QUESTION! not a statement, a question! This guy was early 20's and I bet you I was the first person he'd seen all day with a 'I voted' sticker.

It's sad that so many chose not to vote, what's sadder is it doesn't seem to have occurred to that young man that voting was a normal thing to do.

Would have liked to have voted but I was SOL now that they started checking ID :-(

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