Reimer: " need to find someone who - in my opinion - has a lot more fire in the belly."

In a pre-election interview with Public Eye Radio, provincial Green leader Jane Sterk said it was her intention to head the party in the 2013 campaign. But not everyone thinks she should. Andrea Reimer, who co-chaired the party's campaign in 2001, said Sunday, "I didn't back her in the last race and I haven't seen a lot to indicate that I should have backed her. I think it's a really tough job. And I have a lot of respect for anyone who wants to lead a very under-resourced party that's at 8 percent or 9 percent. But, given that, you need to find someone who - in my opinion - has a lot more fire in the belly. And then you've got to draw some attention to yourself. She has a lot of skills. But I don't think that's the skills she has."

So might she be interested in that job? "Oh no, I really have the municipal bug I've got to say," said Ms. Reimer, a Vision Vancouver councillor. "I've become quite convinced that while provincial politics are quite critical - we need a provincial government that's willing to delegate some authority and financing to municipal governments - on the issues I'm passionate about a lot of them are going to be solved here at the city level. And it's also really great to be able to meet citizens everyday - to have people come to your office and fix things right away. I talk to provincial politicians and that's not really the way their lives work. So more power to them. But I think it's probably made for someone who has a bit more of a policy wonk head to them."

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