The after party

Provincial Conservative leader Wilf Hanni told Public Eye Radio on Sunday is party has seen a surge of support since British Columbians went to the ballot boxes last Tuesday. "One of the things that I've been pleasantly surprised with in the days since the election is how many people have come forward saying they were dissatisfied with the election results and they want to help our party build for the future," said Mr. Hanni.

"One of the problems that we had being a smaller party was we fielded only 24 candidates and many people didn't have the opportunity to vote for us. And the ones that did felt they would be throwing their vote away on a smaller party. So we're aiming to run 85 candidates - one in every riding in the next election. And we have a lot of people that are coming forward saying they would like to help us to do that. Many of them will be candidates themselves. And many more want to work on our campaign. So we're actually seeing a phenomenal growth in our party since the election last Tuesday."

In an earlier interview, federal Conservative parliamentarian John Cummins predicted members of his party would move to support the provincial Conservatives after the election.

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