Referendum Part Deux

During the recent election, provincial Conservative leader Wilf Hanni announced he would be "starting a petition under the 'Citizens Initiative Act' to force the Government to hold a referendum on the Recognition and Reconciliation Act." So, now that the election is over, will Mr. Hanni be moving forward with that plan? "We are very probably going to do that," he said, speaking on Public Eye Radio. "I want to talk to the candidates and board members and I want to find out if other organizations are interested in getting involved as well."

"I think it would be better if it was more broad-based - perhaps organizations like the (Canadian Taxpayers Federation) and some business organizations might want to get involved. But I think probably we may have to wait until Premier Campbell actually introduces the act and people can see what's in it," he continued. "And when they do, they're going to get very upset with it. And, at that time, I think it might be easier to sponsor a citizens initiative."

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