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Last week, the province's public opinion research firms released their final round of poll results before the election. But the Conservation Voters of British Columbia actually went into the field on Sunday with one last survey. In an interview with Public Eye, the group's chair Will Horter explained, "We were just trying to identify how important the environment was to (voters) and what issues were important to them in relationship to this election and going forward."

Mr. Horter said the results of that poll will assist the conservation voters in making "some choices on where to target our campaigns coming up in the federal election and just try to understand, after all of the media finger-pointing that has happened around climate change issues, what impact that might have had on this election, how British Columbians think about the various political parties and what their priorities are going forward."

But one issue that wasn't asked about in that poll was the carbon tax. "It's received too much attention in this election in my view," Mr. Horter explained. "The tax itself was, to me, a surrogate for a conversation about climate leadership - the biggest issue of our day."

"So we at conservation voters have not been focusing on one issue," he continued. "We're looking for leadership on that issue overall - on one little piece of the larger policy. So we didn't want to refocus attention on what we think is just a piece of the conversation - not the conversation. The broader conversation around climate policy and some of these other fossil fuel related issues is more important."

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