Nothing like leaving it to the last minute

Vancouver-Fairview provincial New Democrat legislator Jenn McGinn has announced she has the endorsement of her predecessor Gregor Robertson - on the day of the election. In an email to supporters early this morning, Ms. McGinn wrote, "As you prepare to vote in today's critical election, we are pleased to announce three major endorsements," including Vancouver's mayor. The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Jenn McGinn NDP
Date: Tue, 12 May 2009 10:06:21 -0400 (EDT)
Subject: Jenn Endorsed by Mayor Robertson and Environmental Leaders

As you prepare to vote in today's critical election, we are pleased to announce three major endorsements for Jenn McGinn from Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson and two key environmental leaders, Fin Donnelly and Will Horter. At a time when our city and our province are facing serious challenges, we need you to go out and vote for real action to end homelessness and protect our environment.

Gregor Robertson Endorses Jenn

"Jenn McGinn has been a great advocate for the riding, and I know that if re-elected, she'll continue to stand up for our interests in Victoria. Whether it's protecting renters, championing child care or supporting small businesses on Cambie Street, Jenn has put the people of Vancouver-Fairview first."

Gregor Robertson
Mayor of Vancouver

Environmental Leaders Support Jenn

"I support Jenn McGinn because she is an experienced community leader. She's a strong advocate for neighborhoods, our province and the planet. Jenn believes our rivers should be protected and remain public. As a community banker, Jenn understands the bottom line, while fully recognizing the needs of community and our environment. If you care about our planet Jenn McGinn deserves your vote".

Fin Donnelly
Councillor, City of Coquitlam

"Jenn McGinn represents the best of a new generation of New Democrats and I am proud to support her. As our climate continues to change, we need leaders like Jenn who will stand up to protect our planet and find solutions. Jenn is also literally walking the talk - having never owned a car and getting around by walking, biking and taking transit."

Will Horter
Executive Director of the Dogwood Initiative

These major community leaders speak to the strong representation that Jenn will again take to Victoria on your behalf. But it is up to YOU to make this happen. Your vote for Jenn will be a vote to end homelessness and to bring positive solutions on climate change. Please vote early and make a difference to your city and your province.

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Writing on the day after the election, I'm guessing that Jenn McGinn waited a tad too long before releasing these endorsements.

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