Public Eye endorses electoral reform

The province's pollsters say most of you won't be voting for electoral reform tomorrow. According to Mustel Research Group Ltd., 43 percent of British Columbians want to stick with the system we've got, while just 33 percent want to see a change. But why? Do you prefer politicians who put their party ahead of their principles? Do you like legislators who only represent your interests behind closed doors - if at all? Or maybe you want to live in a province where democracy is treated like a Christmas ornament - taken out to be admired once every four years and then stuffed back into whatever box or closet it came from. Because that's what a vote against electoral reform means.

Our present first past the post system may not be the cause of all these ills. After all, many British parliamentarians seem to have no trouble speaking out on behalf of their constituents or their own conscience - and they're elected using the same system. But, in this country, our politicians seem to have come down with a case of lockjaw. And the only way to cure that disease is to change the way we vote - adopting a system where free thought is less likely to be shackled. So please, consider casting a ballot in favour of electoral reform on election day.



If I'm not mistaken (and I may well be) this is the first time that PublicEye has endorsed anything electoral in nature.

Must be important.....


Much as I respect your reporting and your views, on STV you are simply wrong, Sean.

But let's see what voters say Tuesday night.

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