Phillip: "I affectionately refer to Mr. Bennett as Buffalo Chip Bill Bennett."

Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs president Stewart Phillip told Public Eye Radio today he hasn't yet receive the apology he demanded last week from provincial Liberal leader Gordon Campbell. This, after Mr. Campbell's East Kootenay candidate Bill Bennett ran a campaign advertisement encouraging constituents to vote for "someone who pays taxes and is concerned about how that money is being spent." Mr. Bennet has said that wasn't a shot at his New Democrat competitor Troy Sebastian, a member of the Ktunaxa First Nation.

But Grand Chief Phillip doesn't buy that explanation. "I affectionately refer to Mr. Bennett as Buffalo Chip Bill Bennett. He has a long history of making outrageous statements and comments. And he has paid the price for doing that from time to time - where he has been removed from positions and whatnot. But he appears to be unphased by all of that and continues to act in the way he chooses to act. There's no question the comment was a backhanded slap to aboriginal people. And when those situations arise I believe it demands we respond and we did that and life will go on."

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Dear God,

If you really do exist, could you send me a sign by allowing Bill Bennett to be beaten on Tuesday? That would be great.

Yours truly,
Gordon Campbell

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