Cummins: "...there are people that seem to think very clearly that there should be an alternative."

Federal Conservative parliamentarian John Cummins is predicting members of his party will move to support the provincial Conservatives after the election. In an interview on Public Eye Radio, Mr. Cummins said, "It's something that does float by every once in a while. And it has. It hasn't really taken legs I would say until this election. In the last couple of months - probably in the last six months - I've been hearing increasing demand from British Columbians to get involved and support this provincial Conservative party." And I declined to do that because I said, 'Look, I'm a federal politician. I've got these federal issues to worry about. I can't sort of immerse myself in these issues now and I simply don't have the time. And I declined to get involved. But the pressure has been mounting."

"And now, what I think we're going to see after this provincial election is a resurgence of the provincial Conservative party," he continued. "I think there's a lot of people very upset with Mr. Campbell - very upset the Liberal party has let him get away with this policy making on the fly. And there are people that seem to think very clearly that there should be an alternative. And I think that post-election I think that you're going to see a good number of federal Conservatives moving to a new (provincial) Conservative party."

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