Cummins to support Gentner

Earlier, in an email circulated by Save Our Rivers Society spokesperson Rafe Mair, Delta-Richmond East federal Conservative parliamentarian John Cummins stated he couldn't "support Gordon Campbell's Liberals in this provincial election." And, in an interview with The Delta Optimist's Sandor Gyarmati he announced his support for independent Delta South candidate Vicki Huntington. But who is Mr. Cummins recommending British Columbians vote for if they don't live in that riding?

"I live in North Delta actually," said Mr. Cummins during an interview on Public Eye Radio earlier this morning. "And Guy Gentner is the NDP candidate here - there is a Conservative candidate. But I think Guy might be in for a tough run. And he's got my support. I think you have to look at each riding. The Conservatives have some very, very good candidates and some not so good. But I think you have to look at the riding - you have to make a determination on what the best is to cast your ballot and go with it."

Later, in response to a separate question, Mr. Cummins also stated, "I see in Mr. Campbell and the policies that he's espousing long-range damage to the province - to the future of this province. I see policies which this province can ill-afford to proceed with. And I think that it has to be stopped."

"When I look at the NDP I'm not happy with a lot of the things that they proposed," he continued. "But I think that when (Carole James) takes over the premier's seat I think she's demonstrated in this campaign that she's built of tough stuff and that she does have some good common sense. But I think when she does take a look at the books she's going to recognize that some of the ambitions she has may not be realizable in the near-future. And I think she's going to have to pull back."

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