The fundraiser that wasn't there

Last year, Bear Mountain spokesperson Trish Lees told us a group of local businessmen organized a $10,000 per plate provincial Liberal fundraiser at resort developer and former National Hockey League player Len Barrie's residence. But the party's latest annual financial report - which is supposed to list all of its fundraisers - doesn't include any reference to that event. So why is that? Well, because it wasn't actually fundraiser, according to Liberal communications director Chad Pederson. "I've talked with our accounting staff and I've learned the function that you're referencing was, in fact, a thank you dinner for those that had made previous contributions for showing their support," he said, adding "there was no cost associated with (attending) the dinner."

So what about Ms. Lees's statement that there was? "The woman that you're referencing in your original story wasn't a representative of the party, she didn't have a role in the dinner's organization. So I don't know what she was referring to in her previous comment about that," Mr. Pederson responded.


And didn't 'the woman that you're referencing in your original story' also say the following at the time:

"It was a group of local business folks that organized the fundraising event for the provincial Liberals and Len provided his home as the venue. So it wasn't Len himself hosting the event." And, therefore, "it was not related to Bear Mountain itself."


Given all that, where'd the money go that was not paid paid to attend the dinner?

And were there any tax receipts issued for the money that was not paid/donated to attend the dinner?

And if such receipts were issued what are their dates on them (ie. do they, in fact, pre-date the non-fundraising dinner for the BC Liberal Party that was attended by the Leader of the BC Liberal Party but was not hosted by the Bear Mountain Resort)?

(whew...this parsing sure is hard work)


If I recall, it was also mentioned at the time that the event was to launch Jody Twa's campaign as the Liberal nominee.

I suspect that the real problem is that the money pledged never arrived.

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