Oops...it happened again

Earlier, we reported Stikine voters were receiving calls from a polling firm telling them non-incumbent provincial Liberal candidate Scott Groves was the constituency's MLA. At the time, his campaign manager Klye McCreary assured us Mr. Groves's team wasn't responsible. But, in an advertisement placed yesterday on front page of The Northern Daily, voters are encouraged to "re-elect" the Liberal hopeful. Asked for comment, Mr. McCreary stated, "That is entirely my fault. It was a typo that I missed on the ad proof. It wasn't intentional. I was tired and I missed it on an ad proof. If you see all of our other ads nothing else has it."


Ok, so once maybe you could believe they had nothing to do with it. Although phone polls are always paid for by somebody so I find it hard to believe they had nothing to do with it.

A typo? Come on, obviously Scott Groves thinks we are stupid enough to believe that he is our incumbent MLA and Mr. McCreary thinks we are equally stupid enough to believe it was a typo.

This was not a sentence in a paragraph. It was a graphic over Scott's photo.

I hope the voters of Stikine tell Scott on May 12th that we don't appreciate his misleading campaign.

Having run federally for the Green Party, I have the utmost respect for anyone who throws their hat in the ring but these kind of dirty tricks have caused me to lose all respect for Scott Groves.

Give me a break. First of all, the polling company that has been running the polls is out of Ontario, 'Opinion Search' - check it out. See if you can find out who is funding them; they won't tell me. It's definitely not the Scott Groves campaign who are only using a BC polling company - Telus; calls from them come primarily out of their Prince George call centre.

I've also spoken with a few people who have been polled by Opinion Search. One man from Dease Lake said that the girl polling him said the NDP was putting on this poll. Maybe this has something to do with the fact that Donaldson's campaign manager, Bill McBain, is from Ontario.

It is also quite conceivable that whoever is paying for this poll was just told the riding was a BC Liberal riding and assumed the candidate was the incumbent based on that. Furthermore, both the candidate and the incumbent have been polled by Opinion Search. Why in the world would the BC Liberal party poll their nearest and dearest?

A typo? yes, this is quite conceivable based on the fact that the template for the ad has 're-elect' on it. Kyle has been working very long hours and it's highly plausible it was an honest mistake. Note, all of the other ads the campaign has run only had 'elect'.

For the same reason pbcanuck58 says the voters of Stikine are not stupid enough to believe it WAS an honest mistake, the voters of Stikine ARE NOT stupid enough to believe it WAS NOT an honest mistake. Everyone knows everyone up here. There is nothing at all to be gained in the Stikine riding by anyone pretending Scott is an incumbent. EVERYONE knows Dennis MacKay was the MLA prior to April 14th.

pbcanuck58 - chill out! There are no dirty tricks here and it's disgusting you jump to conclusions so quickly. Anyone that went to the all-candidates debate will know that Scott is not the type to convince the gullible or mislead people. Like him or hate him, he is a rare breed - a straight-talking candidate.

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