Nothing but blue skies?

In politics, the winners are those who can tell the best stories. And the provincial Liberals delivered a bestseller during the last election. This was the plot: British Columbia went through some tough times when the New Democrats were in power. As a result, the Liberals needed to make some tough decisions. But those tough times are over. And the Liberals - if re-elected - will lead British Columbia into a Golden Decade of Great Goals.

That story was instrumental in helping them win a second term in government - in part, because the New Democrats weren't offering voters a comparable narrative. But, in this campaign, the Liberals have struggled to write a sequel. The epic arc of 2005 has been replaced with the simple slogan of 2009 - Keep BC Strong.

According to Gordon Campbell, his party is the right party to lead the province through these turbulent economic times. But, in the same breathe, Mr. Campbell has also assured British Columbians those times won't be too turbulent - despite mounting evidence to the contrary.

It seems as if the Liberals can't quite bring themselves to acknowledge the black clouds in their own blue sky platform - perhaps because they might have to take responsibility for some of them. And, as a result, whatever sunny ways story they're telling voters in this campaign feels more like fiction than fact.

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Blue skies alright.Their economic record means siphoning off any wealth that is created in this province to offshore corporations. The new ferries are a disaster; the convention center overrun speaks volumes of sound planning; the cost of the Olympics nobody knows; devastation of the forestry sector; the disastrous fish farm policies, I could go on and on. The carbon tax is just a little bit of window dressing to detract from their environmental policies.


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