Tax solutions

If the provincial Greens win a majority, their administration will gradually phase-out the most addictive forms of gambling and halt the export of coal, oil and gas in 11 years time. That would blast huge holes in government's revenue. So what masonry will the party use to fill them? The answer: new taxes, according to Green leader Jane Sterk.

Speaking on Public Eye Radio, Ms. Sterk said it would be "the job of a green government to make sure that that masonry is built up and that new revenues come in to replace the revenue that is from sources that are prescribing a direction for government that is completely unhealthy for British Columbia."

In other words, the Greens are making a distinction between good and bad government revenue. So, if that bad revenue is eliminated, what will replace it? "The new good revenue will come from identifying more of the bads and taxing them," said Ms. Sterk.

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