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Surveying the morning's headlines, the big take-away from last night's televised leaders' debate was Gordon Campbell patronizing attitude toward his New Democrat opponent Carole James, with the provincial Liberal leader at one point "stopping just short of, 'now see here, little lady.'" This, according to The Vancouver Sun's Vaughn Palmer. And that attitude stands in sharp contrast to the way the Liberals' summarized Mr. Campbell's performance during the 2005 debate.

In a post-debate news release, the Liberals quoted their then Vancouver-Langara candidate Carole Taylor as saying, "Premier Campbell laid out a positive vision for the province tonight. He was respectful of other leaders and confident in his answers." How times have changed. The following is a complete copy of the aforementioned news release.


BC Liberals


May 3, 2005
For Immediate Release


Vancouver - Tonight's TV debate demonstrated a clear difference between the positive vision of Premier Gordon Campbell and the "˜doom and gloom' of NDP Leader Carole James, said Vancouver-Langara BC Liberal candidate Carole Taylor.

"Premier Campbell laid out a positive vision for the province tonight. He was respectful of other leaders and confident in his answers," said Taylor.

"By comparison, Carole James was negative, laid out no vision, and ran away from her NDP record," said Taylor. "Even Green Party Leader Adrienne Carr offered some new ideas."

Taylor said it was a revealing moment in the debate when Carole James had the opportunity to discuss the economy - an opportunity she didn't take.

"At the very first mention of the economy, Carole James tried to change the subject. She is desperate to avoid talking about BC's economic leadership in Canada," said Taylor.

Taylor added that Premier Campbell was the only leader to go beyond himself and talk about his team of candidates.

"I am proud to be part of the Premier's team - he understands the need to bring people together to work to keep British Columbia moving forward," said Taylor.

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A sharp contrast with 2005 indeed.

Could it have, perhaps, been a sign of the early emergence of Gordon Campbell v1.1?


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