Blow by blow


Some observations:

1) CTV's Jim Beatty must have been watching some other debate when he exclaimed "well, there was no clear winner".

2) Ross K: I'm unsure what your obsession with me is...I agree with a good portion of what you write on your blog, except the mindless far-left pap. And, as is your calling-card, you proved tonight, once again, why I can only take you seriously 75% of the time. And I was NOT "Mr. Mom" as someone insensitively and condescendingly put it. I had a personal matter arise this morning with a member of my extended family and was unable to blog. My wife will find it more than simply interesting that when I am not around I should refer to her in the sexist, "Mrs. Dad".

3) How is it that a SITTING Vancouver City Councilor finds it at all appropriate to provide colour commentary in an election she should clearly be neutral in??? Earth to Andrea: You work for ALL the citizens of Vancouver, and NOT just the ones whom you identify with politically. I thought your participation was ridiculous considering you will likely have to work with Gordon Campbell for the next three years and that your Vision leader just about fell short of spit-swapping with him not a month ago.

4) Tieleman provided the best coverage, by far, and his comments were pertinent.

5) Carole James clearly won this on points and on style. she did what she needed to do for the areas of the province she needs to swing. Blue-collar constituencies and the Interior. Jane Sterk was a complete joke. Her policies amount to eco-fascism. The green movement is black--period.

6) I thought the Premier scored poorly and was ineffective in erasing his propensity for dismissiveness. Ignoring the Bai-Virk questions was very bad. You'd think someone in the Lib silo would have offered better advice.

Great format Sean, you are to be highly commended. I had to record the debate and after watching, I read this posting. Interesting observations. I LOVED Hawthorne's line about the grandfather clause. Gordon is shameless when he uses his family like that. He's clearly concerned about Bennett. The Reconciliation garbage is playing very poorly and Delaney is reaching cult hero status.


Apologies.....Was just joshing...I guess I'll have to use one of those darned smiley faced things in future.....Sorry you couldn't make it.


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