Seek and ye shall find?

The provincial New Democrats have oft been criticized for not being able to dig up enough dirt about the Campbell administration, relying instead on the media for question period content. Indeed, that criticism was particularly pointed during the abbreviated fall sitting of the legislature in November 2008. And the government's freedom of information data may partially explain why. According to that data, in fiscal 2008/09, political parties filed just 176 freedom of information requests. By comparison, in the fiscal year prior to the 2001 election - when the Liberals were still in Opposition - those parties filed 562 requests. Meanwhile, the media filed 422 requests in 2008/09 compared with 271 in 2000/01.

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The BC NDP have fumbled a HUGE opportunity.

When I come in contact with the local person who is running as a NDP in the next election my question to them will be 'what has the NDP done since the last election to keep the BC Liberals in line, stop and expose the ongoing malfeasance of the Liberal administration, and how have they furthered the cause of a accountable transparent accessible government'?

Frankly I'm disgusted with the NDP. It's like they've been on vacation, or in a coma or something.

The blogs and even the newspapers have been doing their job.

For the first time in many many many years I will NOT be voting NDP.

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