Horgan approached to join the Liberals?

Provincial New Democrat candidate John Horgan has alleged the president of the now defunct West Shore Economic Development Association spoke to him two years ago about crossing the floor. But Mike Adamek has denied that allegation, saying he isn't involved with the Liberals and accusing the Malahat-Juan de Fuca legislator of just wanting to "stir up some shit."

Speaking exclusively with Public Eye, Mr. Horgan said he was invited to meet with Mr. Adamek at the Jacklin Road offices of Adamek Financial Inc. on October 12, 2007 between 9:00 and 9:30.

"I went to the meeting under the assumption we were going to be talking about economic development - because this is what the guy's title was. But it was all about me becoming a Liberal."

The reason: "They found me to be effective and they thought I would be more effective in the government caucus."

But Mr. Horgan declined the offer. "I'm flattered that they felt they wanted me on their side. But I already showed them my side - love 'em or leave 'em, good goaltender, bad goaltender, it's the team I'm on."

Asked about Mr. Horgan's allegation, Mr. Adamek said, "I'm not discussing that."

"John's an old friend of mine," he added. "And if John wants to stir up some shit, that's fine. I don't care what John does. I didn't have a talk to him about joining the Liberal Party. I had a talk to him about politics in general. I invited him in the office to do that as a local community guy and as our MLA.

So there wasn't any discussion of changing parties at that meeting? "If he wants to stir up shit, he can stir up shit. I'm not talking about it...No. I'm not talking about it."

Following that conversation, Mr. Adamek phoned back to say, "The answer (to that question) is no. I have nothing to do with the Liberal Party...I'm not a campaign guy. I'm a nothing. I'm just a business owner. The answer is no. I have no authority to do anything like that anyways...I don't even think I'm a member of any party actually to tell you the truth."

In response, Mr. Horgan stood by his story, adding he doesn't consider Mr. Adamek a friend. "I know him. We don't go to birthday parties together. Our kids didn't grow up together. I have friends and he ain't a friend. I wouldn't call him an adversary. He's a financial planner in town."

According to Elections British Columbia filings, the West Shore Economic Development Association and Adamek & Associates Insurance and Financial Services Inc. contributed $7,300 to the Liberals between 2005 and 2008.

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