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Earlier, we reported ministry of children and family development minister Lesley du Toit had taken a six week leave of absence effective March 16. Some had speculated Ms. du Toit might not return from leave. But she has, sending an email to employees reminding them to complete their employee performance and development plans. According to that email, all ministries are "required to have 100% participation of EPDP's as directed from the Premier's Office by May 31, 2009." The following is a complete copy.

To: All Employees
From: Lesley du Toit, Deputy Minister
Subject: Employee Performance and Development Plans
Date: April 29, 2009

What's happening?

Employee Performance Development Plan year end evaluations are fast approaching. As you know, our ministry deadline for completing and signing off all EPDPs is May 31st. To support supervisors and employees in completing their EPDPs, the BC Public Service Agency has updated the online EPDP training modules and added webinars.

How does this affect you?

Through the Course Information and Registration System you can sign up for the following:

EPDP Module 1: Employees Orientation to Employee Performance Management (E Learning) (approximately 40 minutes)

EPDP Module 2: Supervisors Orientation to Employee Performance Management (E Learning) (approximately 40 minutes)

EPDP - Evaluating Performance using E.Performance for Supervisors/Managers - Webinar Series
Additionally, 5 training videos have been developed which will walk the participant through:
Entering a Key Work Goal
Adding a Job Specific Competency
Signing off Planning and Focussing Phases
Supervisors Evaluating Shared Values and Key Work Goals
Supervisors Sharing an Employee

Why are we doing this?

As part of the commitment made in the Corporate HR Plan, Managing for Results, we are providing enhanced online EPDP training to ensure that all employees and their supervisors are able to track performance and development goals seamlessly using the e.Performance tool.

What do you need to do?

MCFD is required to have 100% participation of EPDP's (signed off Planning, Focussing and Review Phases) as directed from the Premiers Office by May 31, 2009 . This directive is across government with all public service employees requiring EPDP's. Regular reports will be generated for each team which identify which phase of the EPDP each employee has completed.

Review the Employee EPDP Information Sheet with tips on Getting the Most out of Your EPDP.


Contact your MCFD program area contact (see attached contact list).
or review: Employee User Guide-e.Performance or Supervisor User Guide-e.Performance.


EPDP's are a total waste of time, everyone knows that. People don't have time to _protect_ and see children, remember, the latest audit numbers tell the story. As if MCFD staff should be sitting at their desks planning their careers, it's not like MCFD will spend money on training their workers, they're already starting the layoffs. So what's this really all about?

"As you know, our ministry deadline for completing and signing off all EPDPs is May 31st. "

Guess why the deadline? Someone needs to ask the outgoing Minister and The Invisible DM if she gets a bonus if EPDP's are completed by that date? That's one of the secret incentive plans the Liberals give their senior bureacrats, give bonuses to their DM's for getting useless things done. Here, have another wheelbarrow of tax-payer money, you haven't had enough, what with the "living allowance" and such.

Hey, there's another question, if The Invisible DM was out of the country at all during her 6 weeks off, did she still collect her "living allowance" of $2000 taxpayers dollars per month. Because if she wasn't in Canada, she wasn't living here then and she shouldn't have received this, considering she's just here temporarily, since 2006.

The employee survey results speak volumes on the credibility of the performance review fiasco.

What would be more useful is ACCURATE JOB DESCRIPTIONS WITH MEASURABLE DELIVERABLES. As a taxpayer I expect no less.

But that will never happen. You can't build an empire without headcount.

The tragedy of all this wasted time is that the employee reviews started because of the shooting deaths a few years ago. Sadly nothing of substance has changed with the way government cares for employees. Just a lot of silly courses and politically correct statments.

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