Neck and neck check

Yesterday, Angus Reid Strategies Inc. released a poll showing "the two main contenders in British Columbia's provincial election" - the Liberals and the New Democrats "are separated by just three percentage points." This, despite significant negative momentum accumulated by the New Democrat during the first and much of the second week of the campaign. But that poll was conducted between Friday and Sunday - when Liberal candidates were making headlines for their driving records and opinions on homosexuality. So did those stories have effect on the results of that poll?

In an interview with Public Eye, Angus Reid public affairs research director Hamish Marshall said, "Clearly, from everything else we've seen, people aren't paying that close of attention (to the election). And the level of engagement in this election is very low."

Moreover, "We actually completed most of the surveys on Friday. So I actually don't think (those stories) would have had a big effect on the people doing the surveys on Friday. It might have had a detrimental effect on BC Liberal voters for people who filled out the survey on Saturday and Sunday."

Mr. Marshall declined to say exactly how many surveys were completed on Friday except to state "it's more than an equal third."

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If anything will serve to wake up the quiet majority Liberal backers, this poll will. God save British Columbia if Carole James is elected at this time in our economic history.

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