Bennett: the treaty process "has been done in secret"

Yesterday, we noted East Kootenay provincial Liberal incumbent candidate Bill Bennett was quoted as saying the Campbell administration shouldn't proceed with its proposed Recongition and Reconciliation Act "until all the MLA's have had a chance to meet with their constituents and discuss it." But that's not the only campaign trail comment he's made about First Nations issues.

Commenting on the Ktunaxa Nation treaty negotiation proceess, Mr. Bennett reportedly stated, "My commitment is that my constituents will have the opportunity to have public meetings that I will chair to talk about the treaty process, hunting, fishing and wildlife management because for too long the people of this province have not had anything to say about it - it has been done in secret." This, according to The Free Press.

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One has to wonder if, perhaps, Mr. Bennett is feeling the burr under the right side of his saddle on this one:

" BC Conservative MLAs (led by Mr. Bennett's opponent in Kootney East, Wilf Hanni) will Oppose Aboriginal Title in the Recognition and Reconciliation Bill.
The BC Conservative position is diametrically opposite to the Liberal / NDP position on the Recognition and Reconciliation Bill, and would return treaty responsibility to the federal government as per Section 13 of the Terms of Union that BC signed when we joined confederation...."


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