Constituents versus constituent groups

In March, the BC First Nation's Leadership Council and the Campbell administration jointly decided to postpone introduction of the proposed Recognition and Reconciliation Act, allowing "for a more comprehensive period of consultations with our respective constituent groups." Specifically, the council referenced aboriginal leaders, their respective legal counsels, as well as "Business and Industry Leaders" in its news release. And the government's release stated it would "continue to engage with the business comunity on this important intiative." But it seems East Kootenay Liberal candidate Bill Bennett may want to expand that consultation process.

Last week, The Daily Townsman's Gerry Warner quoted Mr. Bennett as saying, "I don't think we should proceed with this legislation until all the MLA's have had a chance to meet with their constituents and discuss it and I am making a commitment to do that." According to Mr. Warner, Mr. Bennett also stated Liberal leader Gordon Campbell was only "trying to do the right thing" in proposing such an act. Although he acknowledged his party "gotten out of the gate too quickly."

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