Hold back the water?

Since last Friday, John van Dongen's driving record has been the driving force on the campaign trail, receiving substantial traction in the media. But his resignation as solicitor general will likely push this headlining issue to the back pages for the rest of the campaign. So the question then becomes what will fill the void between now and the upcoming televised leaders' debate?

Could the bursting of a large water line at the new Vancouver Convention Centre become a campaign issue? Certainly the New Democrats seem to be hoping it will, writing this tweet: "New Convention Centre flooded. $400 million over budget & they still couldn't get it right. What if this happened during Olympics?"

The party could also reverse its position and politicize the appearance of two swine flu cases in British Columbia. But we're not sure either issue, if pursued, will provide enough ink to see the campaign through to Sunday. So what will?

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They could also try to ressurect Gordon Campbell's drink driving conviction but this tactic has become dangerous since it became public that former NDP MLA Tim Stevenson subsequently pleaded guilty to a little drunken driving of his own right down Davie Street in the heart of the gay village.

Stevenson is currently a Vision councillor with the City of Vancouver.

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