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This coming Sunday evening at 5:00 provincial political leaders Gordon Campbell, Carole James and Jane Sterk will face-off against one another during the campaign's televised debate. But which shows will the debate be facing-off against? Well, a review of the television listings for that date reveals British Columbians will also have the choice of watching How William Shatner Changed the World, RuPaul's Drag Race, Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country and Paris Hilton's British Best Friend among other programs. The following is a complete copy of the cable listings for Victoria.

4 KNOWC George Shrinks
5 TSN NHL Hockey
7 CHNU Tomorrow's World
10 CHNM Movie
12 CIVI Eureka
13 CKVU The O.C.
14 KIRO KIRO 7 Eyewitness News at 5PM
15 KCPQ Two and a Half Men
16 KOMO 4 News
17 TVGN Hollywood Moms: A Mother's Day Celebration
18 KING 5 News
19 KCTS Doc Martin
20 CBNEW Planet Earth
21 TREEC Canadian Satellite
22 YTVP Chestnut: Hero of Central Park
23 RSP MLB Baseball
24 WTVS Nature
26 BRAVOC The World's a Strage with John Neville
26 SLICE Tori & Dean: Inn Love
27 TDCC How William Shatner Changed the World
28 SHCASEP John Tucker Must Die
29 EA2 The Incredible Shrinking Woman
30 FOODC 100 Mile Challenge
31 ARTSC Independence Day
32 MOMUSIC RuPaul's Drag Race
33 CNN State of the Union with John King
34 HLN Nancy Grace
35 BBCW BBC News
36 WP 13 Going on 30
37 TLCCAN Joined for Life: Abby and Brittany Turn 17
38 TOONCP Chop Socky Chooks
39 TFCP Phineas and Ferb
40 WPCH Into the Blue
41 COMEDCP Blue Collar TV
42 TCMC Carbine Williams
43 SPIKEC UFC Unleashed
44 OLCC Ed's Up
45 HISTCP Dogfights
46 SPACEC Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
47 AMCCAN Happy Gilmore
48 SPCCAN NASCAR Victory Lane
49 TROPP Seinfeld
50 HGTVC My First Place
70 CWEA National and Local Weather
100 MUCH Paris Hilton's British Best Friend
101 MTVCAN Canada's Next Top Model
102 CMT Hope & Faith
103 NEWSNET CTV Newsnet With Scott Laurie
104 SCR BodogFight
105 KVOS ReGenesis
106 KSTW Everybody Hates Chris
107 VISION Turning Point With Dr. David Jeremiah
108 APTNP Discovering Great Towns
109 CPAC Goldhawk LIVE
110 TVAP Casper '95

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