Death by boredom

Earlier this month, No STV secretary-treasurer David Schreck told The Globe and Mail's Justine Hunter the referendum on electoral reform is a "terminally boring topic for most people." But don't such statements do a disservice to the debate on electoral reform, suppressing voter interest in the referendum? That's the question we posed to no-side spokesperson Bob Plecas yesterday on Public Eye Radio. His response: "I hadn't heard Schreck's comment until you read it out. I'm sure you might have a bunch of others my people have said. But I haven't heard anyone - and I certainly don't call it a boring topic. But it is something I think people don't understand."

"This is the strangest election I've ever been around and watched because it doesn't seem to generate a great deal of interest anywhere," he continued. "You can get everybody you meet to talk about th Stanley Cup playoffs and how well the Canucks are doing. But try and get a conversation going about the election - no."

But doesn't mean there's something terribly wrong with our political system? "I take it the other way. I guess you could say the glass is half-empty. I tend to think the glass is half full and that people actually believe in and agree with the way we do business now," Mr. Plecas responded.

"I think we'll have a good voter turnout. People will go out and vote....With the economy driving the way it is and the Canucks in the Stanley Cup - as strange as that seems - they have other things on their mind. And they're quite comfortable, I think, where we are."

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