"Isn't it funny when backroom politicians try to bamboozle us? They're at it again - this time, trying to confuse us about STV electoral reform. The truth is, we get more local representation with electoral reform. And remember, a grassroots group of our friends and neighbours is standing up to these wheeler dealers to make the politicians accountable to us." That's the text of the electoral reform campaign's most recent radio advertisement. But what a minute - isn't campaign spokesperson Bruce Hallsor also a backroom politician, being the federal Conservatives' former British Columbia campaign co-chair?

"Well, I guess I am," he said, speaking on Public Eye Radio yesterday. "I have been quite active in politics as you know Sean. But our organization is fighting for something that was created by the citizens' assembly - which was completely devoid of backroom politicians. And our organization has thousands of members - most of whom would not fit that description. I'm not aware of anybody on the other side of this debate who hasn't worked in the legislature as an elected person or a paid staffer or at least been involved in politics at a fairly high level."

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