Working the angles

Last week, British Columbia's electoral reform campaign declined to discuss details of their latest online poll - which asked respondents if they would be more inclined to support the single-transferable vote system if they knew "those running the campaign against BC-STV (who are the same people who were behind Glen Clark's failed administration) are doing so to preserve their chance to get back into power." But, speaking on Public Eye Radio, campaign spokesperson Bruce Hallsor did.

"We asked a whole bunch of questions to try to gauge what kind of messages would get attention. Ultimately, what we want to do is drive people to our Website to learn about STV - to go to and learn about the system. And anything that we can do to get attention to the system I think is good for democracy. Now that is not a message we're using, by the way Sean. But it is one of dozens of angles that was tested by a polling company."

But is it a fair angle of attack? "I don't think so," he responded. "And that's why we're not using it."

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