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Stikine voters are receiving calls from a polling firm telling them non-incumbent provincial Liberal candidate Scott Groves has been the constituency's MLA. But his campaign manager Kyle McCreary - who was among those phoned - has assured Public Eye Mr. Groves's team isn't responsible, stating, "I would really love to know because people are blaming us and we have nothing to do with it."

In an email, former United Church Health Services director Peter Newberry described his experience with the polling firm this way: "I was working in my office when I was contacted by a political survey agency which asked questions regarding satisfaction with party platforms, and party record. It also ask questions about the leaders of the various parties."

"When it came to specific candidates I was asked if I knew the name of the sitting MLA for our riding. I replied it had been Dennis McKay, but that the riding was reconfigured and Dennis had resigned. The questioner then indicated that in fact the sitting MLA was Scott Grove and ask what I thought of Scott's record," he continued.

"I indicated that Scott was not elected, and that the question was dishonest. The questioner persisted in the same line suggesting that Scott was our present member of the provincial legislature. I objected strongly to the use of this question indicated that the question should be stricken from the survey, pointed out that it was dishonest, and misrepresented the real situation."

Dr. Newberry couldn't recall the name of the polling firm. In fact, according to Mr. McCreary, "They have not identified themselves in any of the complaints we've received...and we have no idea who's doing it. They actually called myself and I attempted to argue them but they told me that is how they were told to present the poll."

Mr. Groves is running against New Democrat Doug Donaldson.

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