Conservation Voters to endorse "Anybody But Carole"

Last week, Conservation Voters of BC chair Will Horter told us his organization's provincial election endorsements are "going to be fairly controversial." Specifically, our understanding is the conservation voters are going to be putting their name behind "Anybody But Carole" in Victoria-Beacon - a reference to incumbent candidate and New Democrat leader Carole James. Chilliwack-Hope Liberal Barry Penner, Vancouver-False Creek Green Damian Kettlewell and New Democrats Lana Popham (Saanich-South) and Gary Holman (Saanich North and the Islands) will also be endorsed. A news release announcing those endorsements will be released sometime this morning.

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Is this the same Carole James that burns 300 litres of aviation fuel and claims its green because the green credits were bought from run-of-the-river IPPS, and then wants to shut them down?

I guess the hypocrite is always blind to the hypocricy.

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