Tieleman: "...the Fair Voting BC campaign seems to be both hypocritical and desperate..."

Yesterday, we exclusively reported British Columbia electoral reformers have launched a new and more aggressive online poll - asking respondents, for example, if they would be more inclined to support the single-transferable vote system if they knew "those running the campaign against BC-STV (who are the same people who were behind Glen Clark's failed administration) are doing so to preserve their chance to get back into power." Among others, that's a shot at No STV president Bill Tieleman, who was the former premier's communications director. And Mr. Tieleman is shooting back.

In an email, the communications consultant and 24 hours columnist stated, "For a group that claims it wants to do politics differently and who complained vociferously when No STV tested arguments against the single transferable vote, the Fair Voting BC campaign seems to be both hypocritical and desperate in trying to connect myself and others to Glen Clark. I'm proud to be working with a wide range of people who have been involved with the Social Credit, BC Liberal, Green, NDP and other parties as well as non-aligned voters - some plot!"


Tieleman was a member fo Glen Clark's political elite. I would put the odds in favour that if Carole James were to become premier, Tieleman might have a good shot at becoming a member of James's political elite. BC-STV gets in the way of the political elite controlling the province of BC.

Skinny Dipper - I parted company with Glen Clark during his term on some key issues. I've publicly criticized Carole James on MLA pensions and the Tsawwassen Treaty. But I support both today for their commitment to social justice. The fight over STV is important and should not be reduced to speculative personal smear jobs.

If I really liked backroom dealing I'd be 100% behind STV because it would bring a new level of political wrangling behind closed doors - in parties, between parties and for minority government.

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