Sherrod: "...many of us are shocked and appalled."

"I certainly want everyone to know - and I've been writing around, sending letters to editors and such - that not all environmentalists are on side with what Tzeporah Berman and the David Suzuki Foundation and The Pembina Institute are doing." That's what Valhalla Wilderness Watch director Anne Sherrod said when we asked her about their decision to pan the New Democrats' climate change plank while praising the Liberals' greenhouse gas reduction policies.

"Not all of us are castigating the NDP for (their opposition to) the gas tax," said Ms. Sherrod. "And I think it's probably well know it has caused a great deal of division in the environmental movement over what they've done. But the newspaper in our local area - the Nelson Daily News - ran a story saying environmentalists all across the province were denouncing the NDP. That absolutely is not true. There are many environmentalists - myself included - that fervently believe the Liberal government is the worst government for the environment that B.C. has ever had and that they've been disastrous for our environment. We are desparate to get a change of government."

"Now the NDP policies on global warming - on energy - should be stronger," she continued. "And there are legitimate differences of opinion about the gas tax versus cap-and-trade. But many of us - in fact perhaps most of us - do not let that weakness or flaw in the NDP platform eclipse what the Liberals have done over the years."

"I'm in communication with a lot of environmentalists and many of us are shocked and appalled. They claim - those groups - that they did not mean to endorse the Liberal government. After the fact Pembina and David Suzuki came out and made a few little criticisms of the Liberal government. But the fact is - given what they know about the election happening right now and what they know about the respective parties - that's exactly what they did. You don't have to call something a horse for it to be a horse. It's a horse if you call it that or not. So that's what they did."


Donors to the Suzuki Foundation, PowerUp, the Pembina Institute and ForestEthics might want to send those groups a clear message about what they think of charitable organizations working hard to re-elect a government with the worst environmental record in the province's history.'

And why is no one, other than the tyee reporting that the chair of the Suzuki foundation has given just under $10,000 to the BC Liberals, and that his company has been given $300,000 worth of government contracts?

In addition to the above comment, a visit to the David Suzuki Foundation web site reveals that the corporate world, the traditional supporters of the BC Liberal Party, plays a huge role in funding and managing the Suzuki Foundation.

Power Corp. of Canada is listed as providing over $1 million in 2007 -- 2008. The Jim Pattison Foundation gave between $250,000 and $1 million.

Five of the 13 directors on the Suzuki Foundation Board are from the corporate world.

It's no wonder Suzuki is trying to damage the NDP. Many of the supporters of his foundation are traditional B.C. Liberal supporters and give the Suzuki Foundation lots of money. Suzuki obviously knows which side his bread is buttered on.

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