Power golfers

Earlier this month, Plutonic Power Corporation Inc. vice-chairman and chief executive officer Donald McInnes said his company didn't donate to the provincial Liberals. This, despite the fact Elections British Columbia filings show Plutonic has contributed $51,906 to the party since May 2006. Asked by The Tyee's Colleen Kimmett to explain why he made that claim on CKNW, Mr. McInnes program said, "I don't consider that to be donations, that's buying a seat at a table." But the company seems to have done more than just purchase dinner tickets. Last year, Public Eye reported Plutonic also participated in Liberal Leader's Invitational Golf Tournament, which raised $258,321.96 for the party according to Elections British Columbia filings.

Asked about the company's participation at that $722 per ticket event, Plutonic issued the following statement: "On the Bill Good Show, Plutonic Power's Vice Chairman and CEO Donald McInnes misspoke when asked about the company's support of the BC Liberals. In fact, Plutonic has long supported this government and the energy plan, our support has been noted in media and we have declared them publicly numerous times. Plutonic supports this government because it is a clear choice, the NDP do not support IPP development, going as far as to publicly state they would issue a moratorium on development, despite the fact many IPPs in operation today were established in the 1990s."

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