Walled up

When Jesse McClinton announced he was running for the provincial Liberals in Victoria-Swan Lake, a number of his Facebook friends expressed concern about his choice of parties. For example, one of them - writing on the candidate's wall - stated, "I support you Jesse, but the Liberals have done nothing but hurt me deeply both personally (removing my daycare subsidy when I was subbing) and professionally (teachers get bit on the ass harder by Campbell than just about anyone else). There is a cross-section of Canadian society that they don't care about and I happen to be part of it." So did that response bother Mr. McClinton?

In an interview on Public Eye Radio, he said, "A little bit - mostly because I think there's a lot of misinformation out there, specifically amongst teachers. I've worked in the school system. And I think it's troubling sort of the political games that some of the unions participate in."

So his friends are wrong in their views? "Partly, I think. I think there is an element of that there...I think they've been told some information that maybe isn't true," responded Mr. McClinton.

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