A hop, skip and a jump

Today, The Vancouver Sun's Doug Ward reported, "Prominent environmentalist and longtime NDP supporter Tzeporah Berman fired off an angry e-mail to Carole James Thursday, attacking the Opposition leader for putting politics before the planet by opposing Premier Gordon Campbell's carbon tax." According to the story's headline, Ms. Berman has quit the New Democrats. But it wasn't so long ago she was a member of another party.

On December 9, 2004, the newspaper's Gordon Hamilton reported Ms. Berman - "the eco-activist whose strong-arm campaigns against logging prompted former NDP premier Glen Clark to brand her an "enemy of B.C.," has left the Green Party for the New Democrats. Saying she now sees the NDP as the only real alternative to the B.C Liberals' forest policies, Berman jumped ship from the Green Party this year and took out an NDP membership." Fancy that!


The Tyee.ca is reporting that Ms. Berman has not been a member of the NDP for years!

The Tzeporah Berman self-promotion tour, 2009, continues....

Tzeporah Berman, Merran Smith et al have just lost my support. Why not raise this issue months ago? They clearly owe the government support due to the funding of the central coast related initiatives. Sadly, they both know from very direct and recent experience that the current BC Liberals are not remotely interested in the environment. They are simply interested in staying popular and getting re-elected. If the polls indicate that the public has moved environmental issues off their agenda - the liberals will magically reallign themselves. When that happens Tzeporah and Merran will have to explain why they put their mouths where the money was. Sad day.

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