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Today, Tides Canada president and chief executive officer Ross McMillan acknowledged the hiring of Teck Cominco Ltd.'s former corporate affairs director "may raise some eyebrows in the environmental sector." But, speaking with Public Eye, he stated, "From my perspective, I'm hiring Sarah Goodman and not Teck Cominco or Weyerhaeuser" - another of Ms. Goodman's previously employers. Indeed, according to, Mr. McMillan "We certainly haven't heard from any environmental organizations on Sarah's appointment" as Tides Canada's new business development and services vice-president.

"She came to the top of a very, very fierce competition for this new position and really shone in that competition. And it was Sarah, her management abilities, her strategic abilities, her communications abilities, her interest in continuing on with Tides's efforts to build bridges between parties and get diverse sectors working together to achieve environmental good and social good more broadly that really allowed her to shine in that competition. And she has the right values in terms of really trying to make sure that we're bringing whatever resources we can bring to bear to achieve the common good. So that's why she's here," he continued.

"I'm less focused on Sarah's corporate background and more on the values, skills and attributes that she can bring to the position. And she really did come to the top of a remarakable pool of candidates from all sectors. We had an embarassment of riches to choose from. She may raise some eyebrows in the environmental sector. But I think the real test here will be in Sarah's ability to build those bridges and really achieve good solid results on the ground."

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