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If the members of Nickleback were in favour of changing British Columbia's electoral system, would you be too? That's what pro-single transferable vote campaigners seem to think. In an email distributed yesterday to supporters, Fair Voting British Columbia president Arjun Singh asked for help in "contacting some high profile BC celebrities for our endorsement campaign" - includng artists and actors such as Nelly Furtado, Pamela Anderson, Bryan Adams and, yes, the members of Nickleback. According to Mr. Singh, "These endorsements give voters confidence that their 'heroes' are BC-STV supporters." Asked for comment on that intiative electoral reform opponent Bill Tieleman told Public Eye, "I'm not sure how many British Columbia voters would be swayed to vote for STV by hearing the political acumen of Nickleback." The following is a complete copy of that email.

From: Arjun Singh, British Columbians for BC-STV
Sent: April-15-09 12:02 PM
Subject: STV: Help with celebrity endorsements

The writ has now dropped and the BC-STV campaign is off to an exciting start! Our campaign has received front page coverage on a number of local papers.

We need your help in contacting some high profile BC celebrities for our endorsement campaign. These endorsements give voters confidence that their "heroes" are BC-STV supporters.

If you can contact anyone on this list please reply to I will send you a "script" to help you ask for the endorsement.


They were all local once, so perhaps you have contacts who know them? Or perhaps you have a celebrity that you can contact who isn't on our list?

Celebrities - sports and community

* Rick Hansen
* Nancy Green Raine - skiing- Kamloops
* Steve Nash - basketball, Victoria
* Baseba ll - Larry Walker (Maple Ridge), Justin Morneau (New Westminster)
* Triathletes - Simon Whitfield (Victoria), Brent McMahon (Victoria), Paul Tichelar (Victoria)
* Melanie McQuaid - Xterra - Victoria
* Rowing - Silken Laumann, (Victoria), Dave Calder (Victoria), Kyle Hamilton (Richmond), Kevin Light (Sidney), Ben Rutledge (Cranbrook), Karen Clark (Delta), Barney Williams (Salt Spring Island), Tom Herschmiller (Comox)

Celebrities - hockey

* Cam Neeley - now with Boston Bruins Management
* Trevor Linden
* Geoff Courtenall - Courtenay
* Brendan Morrison - Pitt Meadows
* Rob and Scott Neidermeyer - Cassiar
* Joe Sakic - Burnaby

Celebrities - Arts

* Nelly Furtado (Victoria)
* Pamela Anderso n (Comox)
* Diana Krall (Nanaimo)
* Michael Buble - Vancouver
* David Foster - Victoria
* Bryan Adams - Vancouver
* Nickelback band members and other local bands

Thanks so much for your help!

Arjun Singh,
Fair Voting BC, President

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