Behind the magic number

Yesterday, while visiting the legislature, we had a chance to peak inside the now infamous room 223 - where the provincial Liberal caucus meets and their staffers watch question period. Because caucus meetings are closed door affairs, the room's contents are rarely seen by journalists. But, with the election underway, there's no such meetings to be held. So here's the skinny.

* The focal point of the room is a low raised platform with a podium and table atop. Two wings of tables are arranged in a V-shape around the platform.

* The wall to the left of the platform includes a frame displaying each page of the Liberals' 2005 campaign document. To the right of that frame is a large white poster featuring the word focus in capital letters.

* Behind the two wings of tables is a pillar. On one side of the pillar is a framed white Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympic Games T-shirt - dated July 5, 2003 - signed by all of the Liberals' then caucus members. Another features a painting presented to the caucus on April 22, 1997 at a Ducks Unlimited banquet. And hidden from view - on the side facing away from the tables - is a frame displaying each page of the Liberals' 2001 campaign document, which promised the Campbell administration would be the most open and accountable government in the country.

* Also hanging on the room's walls: another painting from Ducks Unlimited, presented on April 14, 2008, recognizing the Liberals as one of the organization's "partners in conversation"; a Canadian Federation of Independence Business excellence in policy award, given to the Premier Gordon Campbell on April 18, 2006; and a photograph of former Delta South legislator Fred Gingell, who passed away on July 6, 1999.

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