Simpson: DeSmogBlog shouldn't "misrepresent legitimate differences of opinion..."

Provincial New Democrat candidate Shane Simpson has fired back at DeSmogBlog's Richard Littlemore. At issue: yesterday, Mr. Littlemore told Public Eye he wasn't sure why the provincial New Democrats opposed the Campbell administration's cap-and-trade legislation. This, after writing an article on DeSmogBlog that took the party to task for voting against that bill. "If they weren't opposing the carbon tax, we wouldn't be picking on them or running around looking to see if they voted against cap-and-trade for some strategic reasons that I was not even interested enough to look up," Mr. Littlemore explained after being told that opposition was motivated by the secrecy of the legislation.

But, in a comment posted on DeSmogBlog, Mr. Simpson recalled the Website's founder Jim Hoggan "talking about wanting to get rid of the myths around climate change. I support that view. However, it is also important that DeSmog Blog not misrepresent legitimate differences of opinion on how best to address climate change. Sadly, that is what has occured in this current exchange."

"A growing number of environmental organizations are critizing the kind of partisanship that this blog is demonstrating. They are doing that not because they oppose a carbon tax but because they understand there are many other issues related to climate change and to our environment such as offshore oil and gas, coastal crude oil tankers, coal bed methane, proper environmental assessment, species at risk and fish farms to name a few," he continued.

"On all those issues these groups are supportive of the direction we have outlined in the NDP Platform. I would urge your Blog to join those groups in taking a more thoughtful approach to dealing with these issues and to begin to talk about where the real solutions may lie instead of desparately playing politics with such an important issue."

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