Fields: "It stands to alienate them from other environmental groups..."

Former Society Promoting Environment Conservation transportation campaigner David Fields has added his name to list of activists concerned about a Easter Monday media briefing panning the provincial New Democrats' platform while praising the Liberals' policies. "I would caution groups like The Pembina Institute and ForestEthics" - who organized that briefing - "and campaigners like Tzeporah Berman to avoid making this mistake in the future," said Mr. Fields, referring to their failure to consult with other environmental organizations about that briefing. "It stands to alienate them from other environmental groups - which is has already."

"And another big mistake is putting a single headlining issue like the carbon tax out front when effectively dealing with climate change requires a multifaceted approach. And there are so many other issues and policies that are at play when it comes to B.C.'s environment that it truly is a disservice to the public to simply focus on this one issue," he continued. "I do agree that the carbon tax is important. I support the carbon tax still. But I think it needs to be paired with the cap-and-trade like what the Green Party is putting forward."

"I think a possible consequence of their actions, if they continue like this, is that they could alienate themselves from the grassroots because membership organizations - like the Western Canada Wilderness Committee and SPEC - and grassroots organizers all over the province know that people's concerns are complex and people know what it's going to take to make these policies work on the ground. So groups like Pembina and ForestEthics need to be in consultation with other environmental groups and the grassroots if we're going to effectively tackle climate change."

As for his own personal position on which party is British Columbia's environmental leader, Mr. Fields said "I dislike both the Liberals' policies and the NDP's platform and how they tackle climate change. I think we need something much more robust. If we're living in transformative times then let's transform. So I have decided to support Green Party policies. And working with my friend and colleague Stephen Rees - who is the Green Party candidate in Richmond East - we will be promoting Green Party policies and BC-STV."

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