Handlers with care?

Yesterday, provincial New Democrat leader Carole James refused to commit to debating Dallas Henault, her Liberal opponent in Victoria-Beacon Hill. So what does Mr. Henault have to say about that? Speaking with Public Eye, the candidate said, "It's disappointing to the people of Victoria-Beacon Hill. I really do hope her handlers allow her to come back into the riding. People are asking why she's on the wrong side of the environmental debate and why she's pushing economic policies that would be devastating to the small business community in Victoria-Beacon Hill. And, in particular, they're asking why she voted against the new Royal Jubilee Hospital that's just on the edge of our riding. So I think her handlers should let her back in because there's questions that need to be asked."

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That's disappointing. I'm not in that riding but I believe every candidate has a responsibility first to their constituents and THEN to whatever party responsibilities they're called on to perform. Carole sounded almost Palin-esque there.

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